Feature Improvement Announcement: Content Protection

d6 Collab is excited to announce a major improvement in one of our most important features for artists & content creators of all kinds: Content Protection!

From the beginning, you’ve had the power to copyright and apply any Creative Commons licenses you see fit to your content, as you upload it, right at your fingertips. However, now that d6 has partnered with Digiprove, you will also have access to date and time-stamped certificates that show when your content was copyrighted and what Creative Commons license has been applied to it. What does this mean? Concrete evidence that you are the originator of your content should you ever be faced with a content thief! Digiprove even provides a free, standard Cease and Desist certified email template to use if you ever need it. This powerful protection service is now yours free with the purchase of any d6 Collab portfolio!

d6 will be opening our exclusive beta phase to new membership again soon! But if you’d like to join now, you can purchase your own content protected portfolio at a deeply discounted rate! Added bonus? You’ll be supporting the further development of new community & network features, as well as the improvement of our existing features.

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