Feature Upgrade: New Video Chat Capabilities

d6 Collab’s chat feature just got a lot more personal with the addition of video! Now members can have “face to face” conversations with each other directly on our platform, without the use of 3rd party apps. Just sign in at d6collab.com on your device of choice (i.e. laptop, tablet, phone, etc.), open the chat window, select a member from the active users list, & click on the video icon to start a video chat.

This addition is a big step toward hosting live, remote jam sessions for musicians, as well as bringing us one step closer to our goal of hosting “must see” live-streaming video, and even pay-per-view, events that your fans and followers won’t want to miss! Can you imagine holding live-streamed, digital shows from anywhere that your visitors can pay to unlock right on your site without ever having to donate through a 3rd party service? Because that’s just one of the major upgrades on the road map in the not-too-distant future.

Our mission is to connect artists and content creators of all kinds, provide opportunities for collaboration, and empower members to effectively protect and monetize their own content. We’re excited to expand our exclusive, closed beta phase very soon. Stay tuned for updates, and sign up for our membership waiting list below if you want to be a part of this new frontier in social media! We look forward to meeting you! 🙂