Features and Functionality: Now, in the Works, and in the Future


Please see below for lists of all of the features and functionality we have currently, are building (in the works), and are looking at adding (in the future). Please let us know if you have any preferences on what we prioritize or suggestions that are not listed here. (You can also leave your feedback in the comments section if you prefer.) These lists will change as we finish building/adding features, take your feedback into consideration, and re-prioritize. Please consider subscribing to our blog for all the latest news! 🙂

Current Features and Functionality:

  • Social logins (and registration) via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ (working on adding Instagram & other social networks);
  • Social sharing on a vast array of other networks;
  • Membership Profiles with the ability to upload text “status updates”, as well as image, video, and audio files;
  • Privacy Controls;
  • Add connections (or “friends”);
  • Live community chat;
  • Create and/or join groups for your projects and/or special interests;
  • Forums to help you find collaborators;
  • Public messages via @mentions;
  • Private messaging;
  • “Favorite” other members’ activity;
  • #Hashtags on #d6Collab and across all subsites; #NEW!
  • Create your own portfolio/blog/subsite for collaborative projects or to display personal work;
  • Copyright posts/work on your own subsite;
  • Publish content on your subsite under the terms of Creative Commons and other licenses;
  • “Click to Tweet” (create easy “tweetable” bits of content) on your subsite;
  • Interactive polls and surveys; #NEW!
  • Monetize your own subsite! (Sell your own original digital downloads.)

In the Works:

  • More social logins;
  • Mobile app for Apple and Android;
  • Podcasting capabilities;
  • “Webstores” to sell shippable products;
  • Accept donations (and even full blown crowdfunding campaigns in the future);
  • Reply to notifications by email;
  • Attachments, labels, drafts, auto-save, and visual editor for on-site private messaging;
  • Ability to post on other member’s profiles;
  • Upload and organize photos into albums from your phone, tablet, or PC.

Possible Features (In the Future):

  • Verified members;
  • Follow blogs/subsites (and maybe individual projects and members on d6 Collab);
  • Point system reward program on d6 Collab;
  • Monetize your subsite or just reward users with points for posting comments or publishing content automatically;
  • Crowdfunding campaigns for supporting projects;
  • Live jam sessions for musicians;
  • Live art collaborations;
  • Invite new members;
  • Live streaming;
  • Pay-per-view live stream events;
  • Embed forms and calls to action in videos on your subsite;
  • Geotagging;
  • d6 Collab Radio;
  • d6 Collab TV.
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